Triple Y Battery Tray for Optima

Triple Y Battery Tray for Optima

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Boss battery trays were built to withstand the toughest elements while maintaining appeal. Manufactured in the U.S. from Starboard, a proven material in the marine industry, these trays are machined to the specifics of its corresponding battery.

The process begins with the use of highly accurate measuring equipment to create a tray with a perfect fit. These measurements are inputted into a CAD software where we can analyze the fitment and the looks. This allows us to see any issues that may be encountered prior to manufacturing. Once the final design is accepted the CAD file is then imported into a CAM program. Computer Aided Machining is what is used to actually create the part. Tools and tool paths are selected which are driven from the CAD model. Once all toolpaths and operations are created the program is run through a simulation to ensure the program is free of flaws. Now the parts are ready for manufacture. The CAM software outputs a code which is sent to the machine and with some setup it’s time to hit the cycle start button. The first part gets a thorough inspection ensuring the fit is perfect and the finish is up to par. Once the part is qualified there is a routine inspection put into place to maintain the quality of the product for our customers.

A detailed look at BOSS battery trays you will see some key features that make these trays above all in the industry. First these trays are manufactured from Starboard. Starboard is a well proven material in the marine industry with its durability, resistance to corrosion and finish.

The next key feature is the fit. BOSS trays were design to specifically fit the battery with a line to line clearance. There is no lateral movement allowable once the battery is placed in the tray. On top of a secured fit this creates a sleek look. With the fit and finish of today’s boats no detail should be overlooked.

No more small dainty straps. BOSS goes big with a 1.5 inch strap and buckle to ensure your battery is held down with confidence. The strap is guided around the tray and the battery all in one so the battery cannot be separated from the tray. The buckle is quick release so installing and removing your battery from the tray is a breeze. The strap is adjustable so that you can orientate the buckle in the position that works best for you.

Channels are machined under the tray in both directions to allow clearance for the strap. This allows the strap to be installed in either direction to go over the battery for your preference. If the strap ever needs to be replaced there is no need to remove the tray from its installed position. The channel extends to the ends to allow you to remove and reinstall the strap.

In the center of the tray a slot is cut through to the bottom to intersect with the strap channels. This slot is cut to allow water to drain from the tray to keep your battery from sitting in water. Intersecting with the strap channels which exit out to the sides of the tray water has no place to stand. Also cut in both directions this avoids any interference with your preference to the installation of the strap.

All these key features add up to make the best battery tray available at an affordable cost. Quality, Fit and Function is the core at BOSS Marine Products.