Boss Battery Tray Features

Single Battery on Tray

BOSS builds battery trays to fit a variety of popular marine battery models in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

The BOSS base is precision machined to the specific dimensions of each model for a custom fit that prevents lateral movement once the battery is properly installed in the secured tray.

Dual Tray  

BOSS battery trays come in multiple configurations. We offer Single trays, Dual trays and Triple trays. This allows you to install one tray for more than one battery. 

This is ideal for multiple house batteries or to accommodate for 24v and 36v trolling motor systems.

Tray Attachment

Easy-to-use adjustable buckles secure your battery with confidence. One click and your power source is safe and reliable.  And to ensure it stays that way, BOSS goes big with a large 1.5 inch strap and buckle.

There's never a need to question if your battery is secure, even in the toughest conditions.  In addition, the strap and buckle can be positioned in either the front-back or side-side configuration, depending on your needs and preferences. 

Single Wrap

On the underside of our trays we carved out a channel that allows clearance for the strap.

This is designed to hold battery, tray and strap snugly together as a single unit, ensuring your battery will never leave the tray. 

Cross Slot Tray View

Pooling water is a constant problem for many battery trays.  BOSS has eliminated this issue with our cross slot design. 

Machined into the tray, the slot drain intersects the strap channels so the water exits from beneath the tray, preventing your battery from sitting in water. 

Chamferred Edge

More than a sleek design detail, chamfered edges allow you to place your battery into the tray with ease, while preventing  injury from sharp edges.

Details like this are why  BOSS trays are a step above.    


Installation Instructions

  1. Pick a generally flat surface to mount your BOSS battery tray.
  2. Using the tray holes mark the holes for drilling.
  3. Predrill holes with 1/8 drill bit for #10 flat top countersink stainless steel screws.
  4. Clean debris and use 5200 or equivalent to fill the holes.
  5. Route strap under the tray and through the guide slots in the direction of your preference.
  6. Align the tray with holes and start each of the 4 screws before securing completely.